Our Process

Making Solar Panels Simple

Step 1.Consultation

We’ll review your energy needs and go over the savings you can expect from your solar panels. We’ll explain how any incentives work and answer any of your questions. Simple enough right?

Solar Panels from SolarMax
Solar Panels

Step 2.Designing & Permitting

Our team, along with our engineers, will make sure all necessary paperwork and permits are taken care of to ensure a timely installation takes place. Just kick back and let SolarMax do the work. Sounds pretty simple right?

Step 3.Installation

The average installation is typically done in one day so expect our crew to have your solar panels up and ready to go in no time. This still sounds way too simple doesn’t it?

Residential and Commercial Solar Panels
Solar Panels and Rebates Equal Big Savings

Step 4.System Activation

After the installation, your utility company will stop by to install your new meter that connects your solar panels to the grid. Once the new meter is in place, your system can be activated and begin saving. You probably already guessed it, but we handle this part too.

Step 5.Monitoring your Solar Panels

Once your system is live, you will have full access to our 24/7 system monitoring portal so you can always see your system performing. Don’t worry, we’ll also keep an eye on it for you. We monitor all of our installations for the life of the system to make sure everything is functioning smoothly.

Solar Panels are easy with the pros at SolarMax

Who Would've Thought That Solar Could Be So Simple?

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